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Hello, welcome to my online space. 

Laura Jayne is an author, writer, qualified and licensed integrative psychotherapist , coach and entrepreneur.

I work with people around the world including individuals, families, couples and companies, find solutions which support mindfulness and wellness for the holistic being.

I facilitate workshops and retreats to encourage growth and positive change within communities, workplaces and couples and individual lives; by creating a safe space for individuals to feel seen and heard.

I am in various creative fields, such as content creation, creative direction, production creation and many more.  As a free flow individual, I am passionate about creativity being shared and impacted rather than limited and caged. For this reason, I am grateful for my gifts and talents and use them in the capacity required to support people.

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'Protecting your energy is one of the best acts one can do for self.'

-Laura Jayne

© 2021 by Laura Jayne. 

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